In Discussion with Mary Pratt


  • Elaine Kalman Naves


Résumé: Dans ses recherches sur l'influence de L.M. Montgomery dans les lettres canadiennes, Elaine Kalman Naves a découvert que cette influence s'exerçait bien au-delà de la littérature. Par exemple, chez Mary Pratt, célèbre artiste et femme peintre de Terre-Neuve. Dans une entrevue téléphonique, cette dernière explique le caractère particulier de l'héritage culturel qu'a légué l'auteur Anne aux pignons verts. Summary: In researching an article for Canadian Living magazine about the life of L.M. Montgomery and her influence on later Canadian writers, Elaine Kalman Naves conducted a series of interviews across the country. Dr.Elizabeth Epperly, currently the President of the University of Prince Edward Island, mentioned to her that Montgomery influenced not only writers, but also women in other professions, citing the case of the distinguished and well-known Newfoundland artist Mary Pratt (b. Fredericton 1935). Elaine Naves subsequently interviewed Mary Pratt by telephone on May 13, 1994, and here is part of their discussion about how powerful stories circulate in a culture. Mary Pratt's subject matter is often taken from her kitchen or house, and it reflects her interest in representing women's domestic lives.