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83 (Fall/automne) 1996 Caroline's Diary Details   PDF
Heather Kirk
63 (1991) Cat and Dinosaur, Monster and Mouse Details   PDF
Carole Gerson
22 (1981) Cat Lives: He and She Details   PDF
A.M. Maeser
75 (Fall/automne) 1994 Cat Lovers Be Choosy Details   PDF
Kathleen Dononhue
73 (Spring/printemps) 1994 Cats and Bawks and Elephants... Details   PDF
Bert Almon
Vol 10 (1978) Cats in Poems and Pictures Details   PDF
Anna Wurtele, Douglas Wurtele
65 (1992) Caught in Political Maelstrom Details   PDF
Robert Nicholas Bérard
74 (Summer/ete) 1994 Caught in the Current Abstract   PDF
Christie Harris
53 (1989) Ce professeur qui aimait les fleurs... Details   PDF
Jean-Yves Boyer
71 (1993) Ce que l'on voit si l'on "Garde les yeux ouverts assez longtemps" Details   PDF
Irène Oore
61 (1991) Celebrating the Unique Details   PDF
Dinah Gough
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) Celtic Fantasy Powerful, Touching Abstract   PDF
Lynn (J.R.) Wytenbroek
50 (1988) Centre de recherche à l'Université de Victoria Details   PDF
Danielle Thaler
1#3 (1975) Changing Places Details   PDF
Barbara Herd
71 (1993) Changing the View Details   PDF
Sandy Odegard
85 (Spring/printemps) 1997 Changing the World: An Interview with Writer JoAnne James Abstract   PDF
Anne Hiebert Alton
70 (1993) Changing Tunes Details   PDF
Marnie Parsons
73 (Spring/printemps) 1994 Characterizing the Group, Not the Individual, in the 22nd Century Details   PDF
J.R. Wytenbroek
1#2 (1975) Charles Roberts' Animal Series Details   PDF
Tim Murray
98 (Summer/Été 2000) Charlotte Gingras: lauréate du Prix du Gouverneur général du Canada 1999 Abstract   PDF
Jean-Denis Côté
103 (Fall/Automne 2001) Chasing the Money: An Entertaining Sleight of Hand Abstract   PDF
Clem Martini
87 (fall/automne) 1997 Checking for Suspects: An Investigation of Mystery Stories Details   PDF
Dinah Gough
62 (1991) Cherished Recollections Details   PDF
Terence Scully
115-116 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2004) Child Heroes of the Working Class: Working-Class Tales for Youth in Nineteenth-Century Canada Abstract   PDF
Jean Stringam
27-28 (1982) Child in the Wilderness Details   PDF
Vivienne Denton
5-6 (1976) Child in the Wilderness: The Romantic View Details   PDF
M.A. Whitaker
12 (1978) Child Power to the Rescue Details   PDF
Paula Hart
1#1 (1975) Childerhose's Literary Offences Details   PDF
Robert F. Nielson
5-6 (1976) Childhood at the Manse Details   PDF
Mary Ford Huband
27-28 (1982) Childhood Experiences in Canada Details   PDF
Carla Newbould
49 (1988) Childhood Trauma Details   PDF
Sandra Odegard
55 (1989) Children and the Thought of Death Details   PDF
Sheldon Richmond
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) Children and Time Abstract   PDF
Gregor Campbell
8-9 (1977) Children are People in Rex Deverell's Plays Details   PDF
Brian Conway
62 (1991) Children as Critics Details   PDF
Judy Willson
52 (1988) Children Choose Their Favourites Details   PDF
Judy Willson
74 (Summer/ete) 1994 Children Have Problems Too Details   PDF
Muriel Baribeau
68 (1992) Children's Book Challenges: The New Wave Abstract   PDF
Ron Brown
Vol 11 (1978) Children's Books as Works of Art Details   PDF
Pauline Neale
61 (1991) Children's Books on Contemporary North American Indian/Native/Métis Life: A Selected Bibliography of Books and Professional Reading Materials Abstract   PDF
Elspeth Ross
87 (fall/automne) 1997 Children's Literature and Canadian National Identity: A Revisionist Perspective Abstract   PDF
Jerry Diakiw
1#4 (1976) Children's Literature in French-Speaking Canada Details   PDF
Alvin Bélisle
54 (1989) Children's Literature in the Dynamo Details   PDF
Laurence Steven
44 (1986) Children's Literature: A Survey of Definitions from "the Lunatic Fringe" Details   PDF
Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon
29 (1983) Children's Perspective on Ottawa Details   PDF
Frank M. Tierney
97 (Spring/Printemps 2000) Children's Picturebooks of the Canadian Prairie Abstract   PDF
Gregory Maillet
109-110 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2003) Children's Short Films (Inspired by the Sprockets Film Festival) Details   PDF
Angela Stukator
Vol 34, No 1 (2008) Children’s Literature in Progress Details   PDF
Evelyn Arizpe
Vol 32, No 1 (2006) Children’s Literature Scholarship in a “Post-theory” Age Details   PDF
Katharine Capshaw Smith
Vol 32, No 1 (2006) Children’s Literature Studies—“Post-Theory” Details   PDF
Peter Hunt
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 Chinese Canadian Fathers and Sons Details   PDF
James Greenlaw
102 (Summer/Été 2001) Chloe's Capricious Foul-weather Friend in Nancy Hundal's Snow Story Abstract   PDF
Sarah Gibson-Bray
12 (1978) Choosing Language Arts Texts Details   PDF
Elaine A. Atwood
87 (fall/automne) 1997 Christmas and Hanukkah: Festivals for Understanding Details   PDF
Bernard Katz
61 (1991) Christmas Offerings on Native Life Details   PDF
Robin McGrath
12 (1978) Christmas Undelivered Details   PDF
Carol Cummings
Vol 32, No 1 (2006) Cinderella Goes to the Prom: Constructing Rituals of Youth Culture through Teen Media Abstract   PDF
Sidney Eve Matrix
34 (1984) Cinéastes et detectives! Details   PDF
Madeleine Préclaire
72 (1993) Claire Mowat: Alienation-by-the-Numbers Details   PDF
Raymond E. Jones
17 (1980) Classic Allegory Retold Details   PDF
Angelika Maeser
41 (1986) Claude Aubry: écrire pour les enfants Details   PDF
Lynn K. Penrod
43 (1986) Clothes and Buttons: History, Biography, and Autobiography Details   PDF
Robert Nicholas Bérard
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) Cocooned in Cosy Canadian Childhood Abstract   PDF
Michael Bliss
23-24 (1981) Co-éditions dépassant le cadre canadien Details   PDF
Micheline Persaud
57-58 (1990) Coeur noir dans la montagne Details   PDF
Louise Kasper
69 (1993) Collecting the World in a Scrapbook Details   PDF
Trish McAlaster
74 (Summer/ete) 1994 Collections to Support Research in Children's Literature at the University of British Columbia Library and the Vancouver Public Library Abstract   PDF
Sheila Egoff, Terry Clark
72 (1993) Colourful Tales Deserve Perfect Design Details   PDF
Robin Baird Lewis
54 (1989) Colouring the Road to Oz Abstract   PDF
Barbara Reid
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) Combating Racism through Friendship Abstract   PDF
Laura M. Robinson
97 (Spring/Printemps 2000) Comedy's Continuum Abstract   PDF
Justin Baird
53 (1989) Comic Book Heroes Details   PDF
Chris Ferns
57-58 (1990) Coming of Age in Calgary Details   PDF
Marie Davis
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) Coming of Age in Canada and Africa Abstract   PDF
Kerry Vincent
80 (Winter/hiver) 1995 Coming of Age in Canada and the U.S. Details   PDF
Aniko Varpalotai
46 (1987) Comme il vous plaira Details   PDF
Irène Oore
45 (1987) Comment gérer un atelier d'écriture Details   PDF
Suzanne Pouliot
38 (1985) Comment on fabrique des héros Details   PDF
Daniel Chouinard
8-9 (1977) Commitment or Compromise Details   PDF
Joyce Doolittle
43 (1986) Common Concerns in Marian Engel's Children's Stories and Her Adult Fiction Details   PDF
Douglas H. Parker
31-32 (1983) Complaints and Compliments: A Review of 5 Native Peoples' Folklore Collections Details   PDF
Gary Engkent
8-9 (1977) Components of Success in Foord's Plays Details   PDF
James S. Reaney
41 (1986) Comptines décevantes Details   PDF
Margaret Paré
39-40 (1985) Computer Dictionaries and Fiction Details   PDF
Jane Hunter
Vol 32, No 1 (2006) Confirming the Place of Children’s Literature: Studies in the Academy Abstract   PDF
Andrew O'Malley
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