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29 (1983) Animals: Whimsy and History Details   PDF
Joan Goman
29 (1983) Anna's Love Letters Details   PDF
L.M. Montgomery
97 (Spring/Printemps 2000) Anne Analyzed Abstract   PDF
Faye Hammill
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) Anne Frank in the World Right Now...Just Now: Examining Politics in Childhood within the Politics of Childhood Abstract   PDF
Claudia Mitchell, Ann Smith
91-92 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 1998) Anne in Japanese Popular Culture Abstract   PDF
Judy Stoffman
30 (1983) Anne in the Nursery Details   PDF
Roderick McGillis
46 (1987) Anne, ma soeur Anne... Details   PDF
Danielle Thaler
Vol 34, No 2 (2008) Anne of Green Gables, Elijah of Buxton, and Margaret of Newfoundland Abstract   PDF
Margaret Mackey
Vol 34, No 2 (2008) Anne’s Anniversary Abstract   PDF
Carole Gerson
Vol 34, No 1 (2008) Announcement of the Association for Research in Cultures of Young People Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
91-92 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 1998) Announcements Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) Announcements / Annonces Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
102 (Summer/Été 2001) Announcements / Annonces Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) Announcements / Annonces Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
109-110 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2003) Announcements / Annonces Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
111-112 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2003) Announcements / Annonces Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
75 (Fall/automne) 1994 Announcements and Advertisements Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
79 (Fall/automne) 1995 Announcements and Books Reviewed in This Issue Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
52 (1988) Annual Bibliography 1984 / Bibliographie de la littérature canadienne pour la jeunesse: 1984 Details   PDF
Mary Rubio, Ramona Montagnes, Lenie Ott
56 (1989) Annual Bibliography 1985/Bibliographie de la littérature canadienne pour la jeunesse: 1985 Details   PDF
Mary Rubio, Jennifer Haire
Vol 10 (1978) Annuals—An Enduring Tradition Despite TV Details   PDF
Paul Beam
86 (Summer/ete) 1997 Anthology, Anthology Details   PDF
Melody Collins
17 (1980) Anthropomorphism: Uses and Abuses Details   PDF
Ruth Weber Russell
80 (Winter/hiver) 1995 Apocalypse Maybe: The Making of the First Time Anthology Details   PDF
Charles Montpetit
113-114 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2004) Appendix: Bibliography of Materials on L.M. Montgomery Published in Canadian Children's Literature 1975-2004 Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
46 (1987) Apple-Pie Beds and Water Bombs Details   PDF
Lorraine M. York
45 (1987) Apprendre en s'amusant Details   PDF
Louise Poulin-Carpentier
Vol 33, No 1 (2007) Approaching the Other in Twelve Canadian Picture Books Abstract   PDF
Debra Dudek
62 (1991) Après le "changement" Details   PDF
Joseph Pesséat
31-32 (1983) Arctic Images Details   PDF
Jon C. Stott
115-116 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2004) Are We There Yet? Stories of Maps and Their Mapmakers Details   PDF
Gordon Lester
102 (Summer/Été 2001) Around the World in One Campfire Abstract   PDF
Kristyn Dunnion
Vol 33, No 1 (2007) Arpenter le Canada avec Laurent Chabin, clown misanthrope ou philosophe existentiel Abstract   PDF
Jean Perrot
89 (Spring/Printemps 1998) Art Is So Much More than Drawing Details   PDF
Margot Gulliford
89 (Spring/Printemps 1998) Artful Initiations East and West Details   PDF
Neil Besner
39-40 (1985) Artist of the Chinook Country Details   PDF
Frances Klingle
95 (Fall/Automne 1999) Artists' Statements / Témoignages d'artistes Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
39-40 (1985) Arts et métiers anciens Details   PDF
Dietlinde Bailet
111-112 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2003) As Canadian as Apple Pie and Old Glory Details   PDF
Perry Nodelman
66 (1992) As Real as Prairie Gumbo Details   PDF
Sarah Ellis
67 (1992) Aska's Animals and Carrier's Canada Details   PDF
Lorraine York
47 (1987) Aspects de notre histoire sociale Details   PDF
Maryel Archambault
38 (1985) At Guelph: A Long Established Collection Details   PDF
Nancy Sadek, Sarah Funston
69 (1993) At Once Too Staid and Melodramatic: Berton's Canadian History Details   PDF
Robert Nicholas Bérard
109-110 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2003) At the Margins of Mainstream? East-Asian-Canadian Fiction for Children and Young Adults Abstract   PDF
Grace Ko, Pamela J. McKenzie
23-24 (1981) Atlantic Canadian Historical Fiction: Where is the Drama? Details   PDF
Patricia E. Johnston
15-16 (1980) Attempted Flights of Fantasy Details   PDF
Fran Ashdown
49 (1988) Au pays de l'enfanphonie Details   PDF
Marisa Bortolussi
Vol 33, No 1 (2007) Au-delà des frontières Details   PDF
Anne Rusnak
71 (1993) Au-delà du silence Details   PDF
Lucie Paré
67 (1992) Aujourd'hui comme hier, si l'enfant disait vrai... Details   PDF
Solange Boudreau
95 (Fall/Automne 1999) Auschwitz Details   PDF
Deborah Schnitzer
93 (Spring/Printemps 1999) Autopsie d'une collection policière jeunesse: Frissons Abstract   PDF
Monique Noël-Gaudreault
35-36 (1984) Aventure et responsabilité Details   PDF
Michel Gaulin
69 (1993) Award Book Unworthy Details   PDF
J.R. Wytenbroek
53 (1989) Back to the Past, and Out Into Space Details   PDF
Douglas H. Parker
80 (Winter/hiver) 1995 Bad Boys and Binaries: Mary Harker on Diana Wieler's Bad Boy Abstract   PDF
Perry Nodelman
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 Balancing Past and Present Abstract   PDF
Kit Pearson
44 (1986) Ballet for Beginners Details   PDF
Carole Gerson
81 (Spring/printemps) 1996 Barrel Bottom Details   PDF
Frances Frazer
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 Barriers to Believability Abstract   PDF
Cecil Freeman Beeler
82 (Summer/ete) 1996 Bébert s'en va en guerre! Details   PDF
Danielle Thaler
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) Because It Was There — and Not There: Labrador Adventures and Correlatives for Modern Living Abstract   PDF
Jim Gellert
83 (Fall/automne) 1996 Beginnings Details   PDF
Daisy Bearskin-Herodier
35-36 (1984) Belonging: New Identities for Canadian Immigrant Children Details   PDF
Gary H. Paterson
61 (1991) Beothuk Darkness Details   PDF
Catherine Simpson
67 (1992) Berton's Canadian History Details   PDF
Anna Chiota
69 (1993) Between Despair and Distanced Surety: Yuletide Blues Details   PDF
Dave Haans
73 (Spring/printemps) 1994 Between the Lines, Stories Live Details   PDF
Gillian Harding-Russell
43 (1986) Between the Pulp and the Shine Details   PDF
Verna Reid
Vol 11 (1978) Beware of the Wolf! Details   PDF
Mary Ford
43 (1986) Beyond Bits and Bytes Details   PDF
James Gellert
95 (Fall/Automne 1999) Beyond Imagination Details   PDF
Anna Rosner
62 (1991) Beyond Skateboarding Details   PDF
Douglas H. Parker
74 (Summer/ete) 1994 Bibliography of British Columbian Children's Literature Abstract   PDF
J. Kieran Kealy
56 (1989) Bikes and Barrels, Baseball and Bats Details   PDF
Brenda M. Schmidt
69 (1993) Bimbo's Heart of Gold Details   PDF
Beverly Ylitalo
23-24 (1981) Biographers and their Subjects Details   PDF
Donald Swainson
Vol 11 (1978) Biographies of Canadian Prime Ministers Details   PDF
Irene Hewitt
30 (1983) Biography for Children: The Case of Dr. Frederick Banting Details   PDF
Mary Vipond
31-32 (1983) Biography of a Canadian Haida Woman Details   PDF
Keith Turnbull
57-58 (1990) Birds, Birds and More Birds! Details   PDF
Judy Willson
52 (1988) Bits of Didacticism Details   PDF
Andrea Sinclair
34 (1984) Bonnie McSmithers en français Details   PDF
Paul Bleton
68 (1992) Book Banning: A How-to Guide for Beginners Details   PDF
Charles Montpetit
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