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Vol 31, No 2 (2005) When a Poetry Book is Not a Book of Poetry Abstract
Lissa Paul
47 (1987) When is a Book not a Book? The Novels of Welwyn Wilton Katz Details
Marianne Micros
111-112 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2003) When is YA Not YA?: Contemporary Realistic Fiction for Young Adults Details
Laurence Steven
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) When the Piper Speaks Abstract
Bonnie Ryan-Fisher
44 (1986) When the Truth is Good Enough Details
James Bogart, Jo Ellen Bogart
75 (Fall/automne) 1994 When Toys Lose Their Charms, Try Epistemology Details
Hilary Turner
53 (1989) When Wishes Come True Details
Marilyn Richmond
Vol 32, No 1 (2006) Where Culture Meets Biology Details
Karen Coats, Roberta Seelinger Trites
33 (1984) Where Do We Go After Star Wars? Recent Children's Science Fiction Details
Chris Ferns
52 (1988) Where is Here? Canadian Children's Literature Abstract
Roderick McGillis
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) Where's the Delight in Instruction? Abstract
Lissa Paul
5-6 (1976) White on Red Details
Leslie Monkman
72 (1993) Who Bewitched the Witch? Abstract
Victor-Laurent Tremblay
Vol 34, No 2 (2008) Who Do We Think You Are? Abstract
E. Holly Pike
25 (1982) Who's Speaking? The Voices of Dennis Lee's Poems for Children Details
Perry Nodelman
83 (Fall/automne) 1996 Whose Story is It? Details
Carole Carpenter
70 (1993) "Why Don't We See Him?": Questioning the Frame in Illustrated Children's Stories Abstract
Douglas Thorpe
85 (Spring/printemps) 1997 Why Drama for Children? Abstract
Theo Heras
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) Widening Spirals: A Mennonite Girl Grows Up Abstract
Thomas M.F. Gerry
83 (Fall/automne) 1996 Wilderness Odysseys Details
Kathleen Bailey
52 (1988) Wilderness Survival Details
Carole Gerson
88 (winter/hiver 1997) Wildflowers in a Meadow: Five Poetry Books You Ought to Read Details
Carl Leggo
27-28 (1982) Wilfred Eggleston: Frontier Novelist Details
David W. Atkinson
79 (Fall/automne) 1995 Will the Real Macbeth Please Step Forth? Details
Gerald Rubio
14 (1979) Will the Real Riel Please Stand Up? Details
Geoff Tagg
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 Windows on the Past Details
Jonathan F. Vance
Vol 33, No 1 (2007) Windows on the World: Canadian Publishers Offer Global Perspectives on Childhood Abstract
Elizabeth Galway
83 (Fall/automne) 1996 Winged Words, Aerial Visions Details
Linda E. Marshall
20 (1980) Winnipeg's Kid Sleuth Solves Another Case! Details
Dave Jenkinson
42 (1986) Wise Words for Toddlers - Yuppie Picture Books Details
Gail L. Cox
1#2 (1975) Wit, Energy, and Magic Details
Patricia Morley
67 (1992) Witches without Broomsticks and Beds That Go "Creak" in the Night Details
Jennifer Charles
45 (1987) With Passion, Intensity and Style Details
Hélène Beauchamp
77 (Spring/printemps) 1995 Wizzles and Warriors Details
Gisela Sherman
62 (1991) Women and Children First? Some Observations from the Field Abstract
Carole Gerson
83 (Fall/automne) 1996 Women in Canadian History Details
Kathryn Schade
23-24 (1981) Women In Canadian Politics Details
Ronnie Kennedy
93 (Spring/Printemps 1999) Women in Profile Details
Darlene Abreu-Ferreira
25 (1982) Women's Studies in the High Schools Details
Lorraine McMullen
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) Working-Class Tales for Youth in Nineteenth-Century Canada Abstract
Jean Stringam
43 (1986) World War Two on the Prairies Details
Margery Fee
104 (Winter/Hiver 2001) "Worth in the Telling": Tales of Trauma in Australian Aboriginal Narratives Abstract
Clare Bradford
Vol 10 (1978) Worth Its Weight Details
William Goddard
98 (Summer/Été 2000) Writing about Animals Abstract
Celeste van Vloten
96 (Winter/Hiver 1999) Writing Historical Fiction Abstract
Elaine Ostry
74 (Summer/ete) 1994 "Writing is the Deepest Pleasure I Know": An Interview with Kit Pearson Abstract
Jane Flick
37 (1985) Writing Retrospective Fiction for Children: "Tyed to the particular truth of things" Details
Jim Gellert
99 (Fall/Automne 2000) Writing with a "Definite Purpose": L.M. Montgomery, Nellie L. McClung and the Politics of Imperial Motherhood in Fiction for Children Abstract
Cecily Devereux
15-16 (1980) Wynkyn Whimsies Details
Patricia Demers
91-92 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 1998) YA Fantasy: A Gripping Thriller Details
Lynn (J.R.) Wytenbroek
38 (1985) Young Adult Realism Details
Catherine Ross
62 (1991) Young Adults and Family Stress Details
Esta Pomotov
102 (Summer/Été 2001) Young Canada Abstract
Olga Costopoulos
78 (Summer/ete) 1995 Young Canada: An Index to Canadian Materials in Major British and American Juvenile Periodicals 1870-1950 Abstract
R.G. Moyles
90 (Summer/Été 1998) Young Mother Goose Details
David Gates
53 (1989) Young People Learn to Cope Details
Leonore Loft
41 (1986) Your Stay is Worth Remembering Details
Marjorie MacQueen
43 (1986) Yves Thériault se raconte Details
Jean-Pierre Boucher
79 (Fall/automne) 1995 "Zebros and elosphants": Images of Blacks in Natural History Adventure-Empire Tales Read by Young People in Wellington County, Ontario, 1880-1890 Abstract
lian goodall
Vol 32, No 1 (2006) “Canadian”? “Children’s”? “Literature”? Details
Perry Nodelman
Vol 33, No 1 (2007) “Life Was Simpler Years Ago,” or Books for Proud Canadians of All Ages Abstract
Maria Nikolajeva
Vol 31, No 1 (2005) “The World is Our Classroom”: Developing Global Awareness in Adolescents By Teaching Deborah Ellis’s Breadwinner Trilogy Abstract
James C. Greenlaw
Vol 33, No 2 (2007) “Vitality . . . Waiting in the Wilderness”: The Construction of the Environmental Native in Christie Harris’s Art and Archive Abstract
Tricia Grattan
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