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87 (fall/automne) 1997 A Grandfather's Gift: A Tale of Generations Details   PDF
Belarie Zatzman
12 (1978) A Group of Canadian Dictionaries Details   PDF
Elizabeth Waterston
34 (1984) A Harmless Diversion Details   PDF
R.G. Moyles
98 (Summer/Été 2000) A History of the Circus Abstract   PDF
Jo-Ann Mary Benson
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) A Hoax in the Service of Mankind Abstract   PDF
Terence Scully
95 (Fall/Automne 1999) A Holocaust Play Details   PDF
John Willinsky
50 (1988) A Hope for Change Details   PDF
Sandra Odegard
62 (1991) A Huge Hero Details   PDF
Frances Frazer
72 (1993) A Jewish Folktale Retold Details   PDF
Marjorie Gann
12 (1978) A Journey into Fantasy Details   PDF
Ronald H. MacDonald
98 (Summer/Été 2000) A Journey to Awareness Abstract   PDF
Jonathan F. Vance
49 (1988) A Journey to Confidence Details   PDF
Lorraine M. York
73 (Spring/printemps) 1994 À la recherche des chevaux célestes Details   PDF
Jean Levasseur
67 (1992) À la recherche du public cible Details   PDF
Alexandre L. Amprimoz
62 (1991) A Lady and a Mouse: Two Characters from Traill's Early Writing Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Thompson
Vol 11 (1978) A Last Talk with Leslie McFarlane Details   PDF
David Palmer
102 (Summer/Été 2001) A Legend of the Sechelt People Abstract   PDF
Gwyneth Evans
88 (winter/hiver 1997) A Lighthearted Look at Family Life Details   PDF
Jennifer Charles
85 (Spring/printemps) 1997 A Literary Event? La Bonne Femme by Jasmine Dube/Un evenement litteraire? La Bonne Femme de Jasmine Dube Details   PDF
Daniel Chouinard
81 (Spring/printemps) 1996 A Little Assassin Strikes Details   PDF
Glenys Stow
56 (1989) A Little Giant about "Little Giants" Details   PDF
Cory Bieman Davies
34 (1984) A Long Distance Friendship Details   PDF
Jean Little
1#2 (1975) A Many-Coloured Kite Details   PDF
Rod Willmot
60 (1990) A Matter of Thresholds Details   PDF
Ulrike Walker
96 (Winter/Hiver 1999) A Medley of Motifs: Boots, Mittens, Robins and a Dream of the Beach Abstract   PDF
Gillian Harding-Russell
61 (1991) A Misleading Package Details   PDF
Ronald Reichertz
Vol 34, No 1 (2008) A Mixed Brew: Eleven Recent Canadian Adventure Tales Abstract   PDF
Jean Stringam
69 (1993) A Modern Fairy Tale Details   PDF
Rachele Oriente
115-116 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2004) A Monochromatic Mosaic: Class, Race, and Culture in Double-Focalized Canadian Novels for Young People Abstract   PDF
Perry Nodelman
43 (1986) A Moral Fable Details   PDF
Laurence Steven
97 (Spring/Printemps 2000) A Multicultural Society Abstract   PDF
Leanne Wild
37 (1985) A Multi-Level Universe Details   PDF
Thérèse M. Bonin
86 (Summer/ete) 1997 A National Treasure: Some Thoughts on the Accomplishments of Irene Elizabeth Aubrey Abstract   PDF
Sheila Egoff
65 (1992) A Native Context Details   PDF
Paul Lumsden
77 (Spring/printemps) 1995 A Nativity Thief Details   PDF
Anne Hiebert Alton
69 (1993) A New Amanda Greenleaf Details   PDF
Colleen Butt
91-92 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 1998) A New "Anne" on the YPT Stage Details   PDF
Leanne Wild
13 (1979) A New Bibliographical Aid for Children's Literature Specialists Details   PDF
Pamela Steele
87 (fall/automne) 1997 A New Biography of C.S. Lewis Details   PDF
Lionel Adey
104 (Winter/Hiver 2001) A New Discoverer? Abstract   PDF
Terry Crowley
35-36 (1984) A New Land, A New Hope Details   PDF
Mary O'Sullivan-Condon
61 (1991) A New Republic Details   PDF
Lissa Paul
1#2 (1975) A New Tradition Details   PDF
Sarah Reid
72 (1993) A New Vision of Mozart's Magic Details   PDF
Gwyneth Evans
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) A Novel that Defies Categorization as a Children's Book Abstract   PDF
Barbara Carman Garner
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 A Novel That Delivers What It Promises Details   PDF
Sheila O'Hearn
62 (1991) A Painful Secret Details   PDF
Marilyn McKnight
95 (Fall/Automne 1999) A Partisan's Memoir Details   PDF
Elaine Ostry
81 (Spring/printemps) 1996 A Penny for Your Thoughts Details   PDF
Kerry Vincent
7#1 (1977) A People Dying Details   PDF
Bryan Buchan
95 (Fall/Automne 1999) A Pile of Shoes and How a Writer Remembers Abstract   PDF
Miriam Bat-Ami
78 (Summer/ete) 1995 A Pioneer Success Story Details   PDF
lian goodall
95 (Fall/Automne 1999) A Place Not Home Details   PDF
Bertha Sokol
35-36 (1984) A Place to Go to: International Fiction for Children Details   PDF
Nina Mikkelsen
50 (1988) A Pony Story, Plus Details   PDF
Catherine Sheldrick Ross
5-6 (1976) A Poor Year for Beavers Details   PDF
Joseph Gold
69 (1993) A Portrait of the Mentally-Challenged Child: Serious But Sentimental Details   PDF
Lori Cooper
80 (Winter/hiver) 1995 A Postmodern Argument Against Censorship: Negotiating Gender and Sexual Identity through Canadian Young Adult Novels Abstract   PDF
Meredith Rogers Cherland
17 (1980) A Potential Children's Dramatist Details   PDF
J.K. Leard
104 (Winter/Hiver 2001) A Potpourri of Angst Abstract   PDF
Jean Stringam
97 (Spring/Printemps 2000) A Powerful Beowulf from Welwyn Wilton Katz Abstract   PDF
Laurence Steven
14 (1979) A Prairie Playwright Who Keeps His Promise Details   PDF
Joyce Doolittle
23-24 (1981) A Prairie Tradition Details   PDF
Laurie Ricou
17 (1980) A Prize-Winning Quartet Details   PDF
G. Joan Morris
86 (Summer/ete) 1997 A Problem Novel with an Uncharacteristic Problem Details   PDF
Mary J. Harker
69 (1993) A Problem Novel with Merit Details   PDF
Mary G. Hamilton
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) A Promising Start: Four Titles from Orca's Young Reader Series Abstract   PDF
Dinah Gough
17 (1980) A Quand L'Ecriture de Textes Dramatiques D'Enfants? Details   PDF
Hélène Beauchamp
52 (1988) A quelque chose révolte est bonne Details   PDF
Joseph Pesséat
7#1 (1977) A Quest and an Odyssey Details   PDF
G. Joan Morris
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) A Question of Balance Abstract   PDF
Janet McNaughton
53 (1989) A Question of Judgement Details   PDF
Douglas Thorpe
43 (1986) A Question of Power Details   PDF
Carole H. Carpenter
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 À quoi rêvent les douces fillettes? Details   PDF
Pierre Guérin
22 (1981) A Rainbow for Emma Details   PDF
Jean Little
38 (1985) A Rare Collection in British Columbia Details   PDF
Sheila A. Egoff
103 (Fall/Automne 2001) A Refugee Childhood Abstract   PDF
Diana Shklanka
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) A Return to "Whose Story Is It"? Abstract   PDF
Catherine Nelson-McDermott
94 (Summer/Été 1999) A Riveting Finale for a Great Trilogy Details   PDF
Lynn (J.R.) Wytenbroek
94 (Summer/Été 1999) A Scientific Jeu d'Esprit Details   PDF
Raymond E. Jones
73 (Spring/printemps) 1994 A Scottish Folktale Re-Painted Details   PDF
Terri L. Lyons
115-116 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2004) A Select Bibliography of Canadian Picture Books for Children by Aboriginal Authors Abstract   PDF
Paul DePasquale, Doris Wolf
66 (1992) A Select Bibliography of Newfoundland Children's Books, 1970-1990 Abstract   PDF
Cathy Simpson
90 (Summer/Été 1998) A Sense of Hope Details   PDF
Mary-Ann Stouck
34 (1984) A Sheep and Three Goats Details   PDF
Laurence Steven
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