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100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) A Potpourri of Fiction and Verse Abstract   PDF
Frances Frazer
61 (1991) 'Tween-Age Treats Details   PDF
Geraldine Ryan-Lush
85 (Spring/printemps) 1997 101 Dalmatians (1996) Details   PDF
Barry Grant
102 (Summer/Été 2001) Anéatah et Déranah, les jumelles d'Hochelaga: un cas de réécriture chez Eugène Achard Abstract   PDF
Marilène Gill
55 (1989) Anne of Green Gables: An Annotated Bibliography Details   PDF
Barbara Carman Garner, Mary Harker
55 (1989) Anne: The Book from the Film Details   PDF
Roderick McGillis
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) Aux portes de l'horreur : le roman autobiographique de Denis Côté Abstract   PDF
Jean-Denis Côté
71 (1993) Brown Bag Blues: A Need for Balanced Literary Nutrition Details   PDF
Patricia Vickery
Vol 11 (1978) Canadian Children's Annual Advertisement Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
64 (1991) Canadian Crusoes: and the Teaching of a Canadian Classic Abstract   PDF
Elin Elgaard
Vol 11 (1978) CCL Issue 8-9 Advertisement Details   PDF
Anonymous / Anonyme
71 (1993) Cerebus: From Aardvark to Vanaheim, Reaching for Creative Heaven in Dave Sim's Hellish World Abstract   PDF
Tim Blackmore
85 (Spring/printemps) 1997 Dying to be Thin is Dying to be Seen Details   PDF
Rebecca Conolly
Vol 32, No 2 (2006) Glouglou: audace et création contemporaine Details   PDF
Hélène Beauchamp
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 In Flanders Fields Abstract   PDF
Linda Granfield
59 (1990) Jesper: A Danish Thriller Details   PDF
Graham Caie
Vol 34, No 2 (2008) Jeunesse Details   PDF
Anne Rusnak
73 (Spring/printemps) 1994 Little Women: A Timely but Sentimental Abridgement Details   PDF
Wilma G. Armstrong
97 (Spring/Printemps 2000) Maïna et Marie-Tempête : deux romans, deux publics Abstract   PDF
Daniela Di Cecco
82 (Summer/ete) 1996 Mon père et moil ou "peut-être que ce qu'on imagine est très près de la réalité" Details   PDF
Irène Oore
109-110 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2003) Much Ado About Nothing: For Kids or for Teachers? Details   PDF
Marissa McHugh
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 Northstar to Freedom Abstract   PDF
Gena K. Gorrell
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) One Proud Summer: Reading Politics to Marie-Nicole Abstract   PDF
Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr
67 (1992) Pick-up Sticks and the Politics of Dirt Details   PDF
Lissa Paul
90 (Summer/Été 1998) Raffi Songs to Read Only Partially Successful Details   PDF
Laura Macleod
84 (Winter/hiver) 1996 Rebellion: The Back of the Tapestry Abstract   PDF
Marianne Brandis
64 (1991) Seasons: For Children or Adults? Details   PDF
Terri L. Lyons
96 (Winter/Hiver 1999) Spider's Web: Not for Netizens Abstract   PDF
Jason Nolan
64 (1991) Tay John and Chums Abstract   PDF
S.R. MacGillivray
90 (Summer/Été 1998) The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon. TV Ontario (Dragon Tale Productions) Details   PDF
Lawrence J. Jackson
83 (Fall/automne) 1996 The Root Cellar Illustrated Details   PDF
Mary Rubio
100-101 (Winter/Hiver 2000-Spring/Printemps 2001) The Secret under My Skin: An Island of Lost Souls Abstract   PDF
Alan West
18-19 (1980) The Snow Drop and The Maple Leaf Canada's First Periodicals for Children Details   PDF
Carole Gerson
Vol 10 (1978) The Wooden People As Introduction to Literary Study Details   PDF
Jacqueline Hunt
14 (1979) Thunderbird: The Quest for a Nation Details   PDF
Roderick McGillis
94 (Summer/Été 1999) Weet's Quest: An Exciting Dinosaur Adventure Details   PDF
Lynn (J.R.) Wytenbroek
64 (1991) Whalesinger, Powerful, Provocative Details   PDF
J.R. Wytenbroek
113-114 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2004) Windows and Words: A Description of a Scene Details   PDF
E. Holly Pike
83 (Fall/automne) 1996 "A Backward Way of Thanking People": Paul Yee on His Historical Fiction Abstract   PDF
Marie C. Davis
75 (Fall/automne) 1994 A Benevolent Dragon Details   PDF
Kenneth Radu
29 (1983) A Bilingual Run at History Details   PDF
Jill Chambers
54 (1989) A Biographer's Life Abstract   PDF
Ann Thwaite
65 (1992) A Bird's-Eye View Details   PDF
James Gellert
64 (1991) A Book to Be Treasured, About Treasured Books Details   PDF
Gwyneth Evans
50 (1988) A Bow to Biology Details   PDF
Ronald Melzack
42 (1986) A Boy and His Dog Revisited Details   PDF
Dave Jenkinson
97 (Spring/Printemps 2000) A Boy's Hands and Men's Stones Abstract   PDF
Gregory Maillet
34 (1984) A "Boy's Own" View of Canada Details   PDF
R.G. Moyles
104 (Winter/Hiver 2001) A Cabinet of Historical Curiosities Abstract   PDF
Terry Crowley
22 (1981) A Canadian Fairy Tale: What Is It? Details   PDF
Agnes Grant
13 (1979) A Canadian Heroine: The Facts and the Fiction Details   PDF
Marianne Micros
65 (1992) A Challenge to Readers and to Racists Details   PDF
Mary-Ann Stouck
80 (Winter/hiver) 1995 A Child Discovers Tchaikovsky Details   PDF
Mary Woodside
14 (1979) A Child of the Outports Details   PDF
Kenneth Radu
66 (1992) A Christian's Captivity Details   PDF
Sabine Nikodem
56 (1989) A Classic Quest Details   PDF
Marlene Kadar
62 (1991) A Compelling Survival Story Details   PDF
Mary-Ann Stouck
39-40 (1985) A Conversation with Ann Blades Details   PDF
Cory Davies
31-32 (1983) A Conversation with Maria Campbell Details   PDF
Jon C. Stott
1#2 (1975) A Conversation With Roderick Haig-Brown Details   PDF
Glenys Stow
85 (Spring/printemps) 1997 A Conversation with Sara Lee Lewis: Celebrating Nova Scotia's Mermaid Theatre Abstract   PDF
Hilary Thompson
89 (Spring/Printemps 1998) A Conversation with Sarah Ellis: On Fairies, Fiction, and Writing for Teenagers in Back of Beyond Abstract   PDF
Jennifer McGrath Kent
7#1 (1977) A Cool Charm? Details   PDF
Linda E. Marshall
5-6 (1976) A Courageous Explorer Details   PDF
Nancy Cameron McLean
89 (Spring/Printemps 1998) A Crafts Duo from Kids Can Details   PDF
Catherine Simpson
75 (Fall/automne) 1994 A Cree Grandmother's Tale Details   PDF
Elspeth Ross
111-112 (Fall/Automne-Winter/Hiver 2003) A Daughter's Place: The Intertextuality of Gene Stratton-Porter's Laddie and Louisa May Alcott's Little Women Abstract   PDF
Jane Goldstein
103 (Fall/Automne 2001) A Defense of Potter, or When Religion is Not Religion: An Analysis of the Censoring of the Harry Potter Books Abstract   PDF
Julia Šarić
45 (1987) A Delightful Anthology Details   PDF
Ronnie Kennedy
86 (Summer/ete) 1997 A Distinctive and Successful Canadian Fantasy Details   PDF
Jean Little
50 (1988) A Doubly Welcome Book Details   PDF
Sarah Ellis
81 (Spring/printemps) 1996 A Dream of Ancient Ireland Details   PDF
Owen Dudley Edwards
105-106 (Spring/Printemps-Summer/Été 2002) A Familiar Story Abstract   PDF
Roderick McGillis
42 (1986) A Family of Owls Details   PDF
Eleanor Swainson
20 (1980) A Feast of Folktale Details   PDF
Mary H. Pritchard
62 (1991) A Feast of Mysteries Details   PDF
Jennifer Charles
65 (1992) A Feminist Anne Details   PDF
Elizabeth R. Epperly
63 (1991) A Fine Beginning Details   PDF
Gordon Moyles
56 (1989) A Flurry of Series Details   PDF
Allan Sheldon
86 (Summer/ete) 1997 A Gathering of Recent Short Fiction Collections Details   PDF
Erika Rothwell
82 (Summer/ete) 1996 A Ghostly Love Triangle Details   PDF
Joanne Stanbridge
59 (1990) A Golden Fairy Tale from a Major Poet Details   PDF
Cynthia Messenger
15-16 (1980) A Good Direction in Canadian Children's Fiction Details   PDF
Pamela Steele
43 (1986) A Good Story and Good History Details   PDF
David W. Atkinson
44 (1986) A Good Yarn from James Reaney Details   PDF
Johan Aitken
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