Profile: The Accidental but Fortuitous Career: Cora Taylor, Children's Writer

  • Bonnie Ryan-Fisher


Résumé: Dans une entrevue decontractée, Cora Taylor nous parle de son oeuvre romanesque pour la jeunesse, du monde de l'édition et de l'équilibre fragile entre les nécessités de la vie familiale et celles de sa carrière d'écrivain et d'enseignante. Summary: Cora Taylor responded to my request for an interview with the invitation to have lunch at her office in Edmonton. I arrived to find a cluttered, friendly apartment office with an incredible view of the river valley. Over the next several hours we shared coffee, food, and rambling conversation about Taylor's writing, about marketing and publishers, about her family, friendships, and making a home, about her teaching and her students, about her dreams and goals, and her often breathtakingly busy schedule. This article is drawn from almost half a day of talk.