La thématique et l'idéologie du féminisme: le cas de la courte échelle

  • Lynn Kettler Penrod


L.K. Penrod gives a close study of one of Quebec's leading publishing houses, le courte échelle, which, in less than ten years, has managed to carve out a huge international success. She examines its history, and defines the chief editor's rather bold and unorthodox policies, his emphasis on literary excellence and on the need to challenge cultural stereotypes. Focusing then on the works of la courte échelle's major authors, such as Ginette Anfousse, Louise Leblanc and Marie-Francine Gauthier; L. Penrod analyses how their characterization of female heroes, both young and adult, questions role models, thus showing how, in various degrees, feminist ideology and values transform the very perception of Québécois language and culture.